Traveling through Poland with children

Travel by train with children

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Children and parents friendly railway

While for children train is a happy choo-choo going along the railway for parents it rather seems a project at the edge of managing, knowledge of infrastructure and juggling requiring at least 6 hands. Fortunately, the fast train railway met the expectations and nowadays a travel may be associated with pleasure for a child, and most importantly – for a parent.

Free ticket

It is widely known that journeys are costfull especially with children. Meanwhile on the most trains a 2 or 4-year old child (depending on a train) may travel free of charge sitting on an adult laps. If the parents want a small child to sit in a separate chair, then it is required to buy a train ticket in the tariff for older children.

Safe journey

In case of a child seat or other baby carriers the situation looks similar. In this case to place a child seat requires a separate chair – and it requires to purchase a ticket for a child. In most countries infants are considered children below 4 years old.

Train tickets for children

Ticket discount

Individuals traveling with children may benefit from a discount for the youngest. The discounts depend on the train type, and the country you travel in, of course. In some trains it is possible to book a compartment for the whole family. There are special tariffs for families with children – so called Kid & Co. One or both of the parents may travel with a 50 % discount.

Family friendly trains

Most of the fast train facilitate special conveniences for parents that travel with small children. They may use the baby changing table or bottle warmer accessible in selected cars on the go. It is possible to order a meal prepared for children for the business passengers travelling in the European first class cars.

Additional conveniences for parents travelling with children are: priority pass, extra luggage space, spacious cars, as well as luggage carry assistance.

Train tickets for childrenThe benefits of traveling by train with children:

  • no need to fasten a child, they have complete freedom, therefore you do not need to stop to stretch your legs that occurs while driving a car
  • you may hold and cuddle a child to sleep when they are sleepy
  • toilette benefit option (especially in winter when it is cold and you have to dress them up).

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