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Sweet train journey

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Sweet train journey

Swiss panoramic trains – Train du Chocolat

The Chocolate Train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc. It runs along its route in the summertime, from May to October. You cannot visit Switzerland and not to taste the country’s greatest speciality – the chocolate. The panoramic rail and Train du chocolat in particular – is a complete must on your visit in Switzerland. It is not only for the true chocolate lovers.

Along the Swiss chocolate route

Switzerland is famous for a variety of goodies that has been produced there since ages by its residents. I believe that almost everybody had a chance to taste that chocolate that turns out to be the best in the world. The Swiss chocolate taste is legendary. How to travel across the country and discover all those incredibilities? Wouldn’t it be better to board the Train du chocolat and travel among that pictures landscape? Cheese, chocolate and rail prompt a tourist journey called The Chocolate Train (Train du chocolat).

The chocolate train (Train du chocolat)

Train du chocolat

The chocolate train is an attraction, thanks to which you may organise all day long train trip along the Montreux – Broc – Montreux route calling at Gruyère. It is a journey in the rhythm of chocolate and the Swiss cheese as well. Travelling on that train allows you to visit the Gruyere Cheese House, the Gruyere princes castle with a crane in the court of arms and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc.

Swiss trains

In the second class car or in Pullmann car the passengers have modern, panoramic car at their disposal, where chairs has been padded with plush. Accompanied by carpets and wood accents bring Belle epoque associations. On that car a passenger may feel like an aristocrat from the XIX and XX century.

Gruyere castle

Montreux and Gruyère are within an hour train travel distance from each other. Therefore a traveller has an opportunity to enjoy the views of the Swiss Highlands and enchanting mountain ridges accompanied by the green valleys. Located in the vicinity of the Alpine pastures and Gruyère castle cheese factory encourages them to uncover Swiss products secrets. A travel may observe and enjoy the Gruyère cheese production from behind a window, as well as, which is more valuable to experience that characteristic taste.

At the next step of the journey – in Gruyère castle – eight centuries of history and culture is enchanted. For, the building combines architectural elements from renaissance, baroque, creating a residence with spectacular loggias, marvelous courtyard and garden in the French style.

Vanil Noir peak (2398 m a.s.l.) view completes that Alpine landscape.

Panoramic train

After a break for Gruyère castle visit, the Chocolate Train passengers continue on to Broc. Where, yet another surprise awaits them on the route of that fantastic Chocolate Train journey. You may not only learn about the origins of the chocolate making – hearing stories about the cacao seeds brought from the South America, but most of all taste around 30 kinds available for degustation.

The journey lasts eight and a half hours. The passenger leaving the factory takes that remarkable smell and taste with them. The Broc air is filled with chocolate. After that fabulous finish, the passenger may go on to the Broc – Fabrique station, where the Train du chocolat awaits to take them back to Montreux.

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