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The most popular train directions to the sea

What comes to your mind first when you think of travelling to the sea? Relax, for sure! And, not so long ago it was connected with the all night long, tiresome train journey – it has changed since the new train travel quality appeared on Polish routes – the Pendolino service!

The Pendolino trains shorten the distance between the north and the south of Poland, considerably. Travelling as fast as 200 km/h, the train from Krakow to the sea takes a few hours. The Pendolino train travel from Warsaw to Gdansk takes around 2 hours – therefore, it is a great choice for the weekend leisure, as well. Check, which trains will take to the sea towns and cities!


The city with the great history visible in the architecture of the old city, entered onto the UNESCO list. Neptune statue and amber are its symbols. The Second World War Museum, the Solidarity Museum, shipyard and harbour – these are merely a few reasons for Gdansk to attract so many tourists from all over the world.

Train to Gdańsk

Gdansk is perfectly connected with the rest parts of Poland. Direct trains run to the following cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and even Zakopane! The train station located in the city centre allows you to start sightseeing immediately!

Gdansk - train tickets in Poland

Some examples of train connections to Gdansk:

Train Warszawa – Gdansk 2 h 59 min from 43 zl

Train Krakow – Gdańsk 5 h 25 min from 61 zl

Train Wroclaw – Gdansk 4 h 0 min from 51 zl

Train Poznan – Gdansk 2 h 55 min from 48 zl 

Train Katowice  – Gdansk 5 h 30 min zl from 61 zl



The Polish sea resorts queen. Thanks to the wide and sandy beaches as well as the beautiful promenade where the “Dar Pomorza” (Gift of Pomerania) ship is anchored, the Gdynia Aquarium and the pier it features the touristy character.

Train to Gdynia

The premium category Gdynia Main train station is the greatest one in the whole Tricity. Most of the trains through Gdansk start and finish their runs here. The Gdynia train station services connections to other parts of Poland. To Gdynia you may travel, among others from Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw and Katowice.

Gdynia - train tickets in Poland

Some examples of train connections to Gdynia:

Train Krakow – Gdynia 5 h 25 min from 61 zl

Train Warszawa – Gdynia 2 h 59 min from 43 zl

Train Wroclaw – Gdynia 4 h 0 min from 51 zl

Train Katowice  – Gdynia 5 h 30 min zl from 61 zl

Train Poznan – Gdynia 2 h 55 min from 48 zl




Sopot is the most exclusive and party part of the Tricity. It is also famous for exceptionally wide and sandy beaches and the spectacular pier. Therefore, it is mostly popular as a holiday spot and one-day trips among tourists wishing to see the entire Tricity. For the latter, the best choice are trains that run along the coast.


Train to Sopot

Apart from busy tourist city, the train station in Sopot is rather a small one. However, all trains to Gdansk and Gdynia call here that provides the great communication hub to the rest of Poland. From Sopot you may travel directly to Berlin.

Sopot - train tickets in Poland

Some examples of train connections to Sopot:

Train Katowice – Sopot 5 h 48 min zl from 61 zl

Train Warszawa – Sopot 3 h 16 min from 49  zl

Train Kraków – Sopot 5 h 52 min from 71 zl

Train Wrocław – Sopot 4 h 18  min from 51 zl

Train Bydgoszcz – Sopot 1 h 48 min from 35 zl



Located between Tricity and Swinoujscie city, belongs to the most popular leisure cities in the central part of the coast. The most outstanding of Kolobrzeg landmarks are, the numerous beaches, the moody pier, the lighthouse and the historic buildings from the Prussian period and peculiar middle-class tenement houses.


Train to Kolobrzeg

The Kolobrzeg railway tradition reaches the XIX century and the Szczecin and Gdansk railway connection. Contemporary, you may travel to Kolobrzeg by the direct train from the majority of Polish cities like, Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow or Poznan.

Kolobrzeg - train tickets in Poland

Some examples of train connections to Kolobrzeg:

Train Szczecin – Kołobrzeg 2 h 57 min zl from 61 zl

Train Krakow – Kołobrzeg 8 h 31 min from 65 zl

Train Katowice – Kolobrzeg 9 h 31  min from 60 zl

Train Bydgoszcz – Kołobrzeg 3 h 50 min from 44 zl



The western coast capital and the most remote western Baltic city in Poland. Thanks to its border location it is popular both among Poles and the western neighbours. Awarded with the blue flag beach, 130 m wide in some parts! Swinoujscie is great place to visit Wolinski National Park. From here, you may also travel to Scandinavia.

Train to Swinoujscie

Swinoujscie is perfectly railway connected to other parts of the country like Katowice, Warsaw or Poznan. Interestingly, you may travel to Przemysl, which means that you may cross Poland diagonally from west to east!


Some examples of train connections to Swinoujscia:

Train Szczecin – Swinoujscie  1 h 35 min zl from 20 zl

Train Krakow – Swinoujscie  7 h 21 min from 67 zl

Train Wroclaw – Swinoujscie  7 h 33  min from 55 zl

Train Poznan – Swinoujscie  3 h 50 min from 44 zl



The Ustka tradition as a leisure town reaches the XIX century. The erection of the railway station in 1876 enabled travelling from entire Poland. One of the reason people came here was the Ustka Łazienki (Ustka Baths) famous for healing baths. Nowadays, Ustka offers wide promenade, sandy beaches and good tourist facilities.

Ustka - train tickets in Poland

Train to Ustka

To Ustka you may travel by train from cities like Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow. The railway station location in the town centre helps to reach your accommodation at ease.

Some examples of train connections to Ustka:

Train Krakow – Ustka 5 h 25 min from 61 zl

Train Wroclaw – Ustka 4 h 20 min from 47 zl

Train Poznan – Ustka 2 h 55 min from 45 zl

Train Katowice  – Ustka 7 h 30 min zl  from 107 zl


To the sea by train

What sort of advantages come from travelling by train to the sea?

Most of all, it is a great adventure and possibility to admire picturesque landscapes of Poland through the train window while travelling. No luggage limit allows you to take anything you need, and no car saves your time in parking space pursuit as well as large parking charges. More, the space, air conditioning and WiFi on modern trains provide comfort on the go and you may start relaxing from the moment you enter the train.

Baltic seaside - train tickets in Poland

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