Night trains across Europe

Night trains across Europe

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Travelling by night

Each journey means experiences, memories, but also costs that a travel lover has to cover. Surprise! You may travel across Europe paying little. The convenient way of travelling are the night trains. Apart from comfort and convenience, every travel lover values them due to the time saving and, which is more important, the money. Travelling during the night hours, you can save a day that you do not have to spend on the board. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for the hotel – travelling both ways saves you two night at the hotel.

Rail in France

The trains are furnished to night travelling that passenger may sleep on the go. It is also save form of travelling – the trains are monitored all the time, the luggage may be placed in lockers, and on some routes, you may leave your documents with the train manager.

Night trains across Europe

The night train in France (Intercité de Nuit)

One of the best way of travelling across France is taking the night train. You may book a seat as early as 90 day in advance. The carrier offers the sleeping cars that are comfortable and guarantee top intimacy. After spending the night on the train, the passenger will definitely be rested. Professional and nice staff welcomes everybody on the board and looks after any details to make the journey enjoyable. The traveler may be woken up at the request. After boarding the train your berth, ear plugs, refreshing and hygienic tissues are waiting ready. On the route to and from Paris in the first class the staff will provide you with a breakfast, included in the ticket price. For the top safety all the compartment have locks so you could sleep peacefully.

Trains in France

Time for comfort

Another way of travelling are the special reclaimed chairs that provide the highest comfort as well. The seats are equipped with a footrest, a bolster and a lamp for your work or read, making sure you don’t distract other passengers. It is possible to book a compartment if you travel with your family or friends. In the first class compartment there are 4 beds installed whereas in the second class there are 6. Even if you travel alone or with two or three friends you may book the compartment for yourself.

Railways in France

Time for safety

Night trains have an offer tailored precisely for women. If a woman travels alone, she may count for a special compartment that guarantees top safety and intimacy. One-person compartment booking fee is free. For convenience the sleeping space is positioned near the train workers compartment. Thanks to this, the night travel will be peaceful and quiet and most of all safe.

Thanks to the arrangement on the night train you may be certain to reach your destination save and sound. The train service is at your disposal at all time so you may feel like in a hotel. The key to travel is not big money but being smart.

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