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One way ticket? – types, classes and tariffs

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Book a ticket online and travel by fast train

Fast trains as well as other means of transport offer their own types of tickets, classes and tariffs. In case you have chosen the fast train you should know what type of train ticket to choose and when to book your dream travel tickets conveniently.

Ticket price

The train ticket price consists of three items:


The faster you book the cheaper is the ticket. It is the base principle when it comes to train tickets booking at the most European routes. Follow the example. Purchasing the Eurotrain train ticket from London to Paris the day before may cost 70% more than the one purchased three months earlier.


The other factor influencing the ticket may be a tariff. Most of the fast trains allow the passengers to purchase their ticket in some variety of tariffs.

Best second class or best first class does not allow to refund the unused ticket nor any changes in the ticket.

Flexible second class or flexible first class grants their passengers to refund the costs – up to 50% (depends on the train type). Mind to return the ticket a few days before the day of the trip.

There is also the business class tariff (at some routes) granting total costs refund. The ticket may be refunded up to 60 days upon the journey date.



The third aspect that may influence the ticket price profoundly is the reservation class. Most of the fast trains offer two classes – 1st and 2nd.

The first class ticket may reach up to 100% of the second class ticket price.

Fast train ticket

Train tickets online

Types of tickets and shipping

While booking, a passenger is informed on the type of the ticket required by a service.

There are three types of tickets:

  • Electronic ticket – (P@H)

That type of the ticket is shipped to the passenger via an email. The ticket is to be printed and accessed at the journey. It may be printed in black and white or in colour.

  • Paper ticket – (E2)

Only a few services require the paper ticket. In that case the ticket is shipped to the client by courier at the given address.

  • Ticket printed at the train station – (TOD)

It is the type of the ticket printed in the ticket machines at the railway stations.

While booking online a passenger receives an email with the booking number and detailed instruction of how to print a ticket at the station. The TOD ticket is to be printed no later than 30 minutes prior to the journey.

There are three railway tickets available on the European trains. They are as follows:

  • Booked ticket

The ticket grants to travel the chosen route on the day of purchase. The ticket lists the train number, departure time, car and seat number. It is to be used on the train it has been issued to (even on the same route). The booked tickets are shipped to the passenger in electronic form.

  • Open ticket

The ticket applies to the route it has been purchased to, however, no departure time is given. A passenger may choose any train on the route. The open ticket does not indicate the seat number. The passenger chooses the seat on their own.

  • Mixed tickets

It may happen that you may want to use two or even three types of tickets.


Lyon – London route

At the Lyon – London route a passenger is forced to use TOD ticket (mentioned above) for TGV train, and for Paris – London printed electronic P@H ticket that applies to Eurostar train.

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