Frecciabianca - travelling in Italy

Frecciabianca – Italian fast trains

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The Italian railway belongs to the most modern ones in Europe. The Italians possess one of the fastest high-speed railway (Japan or France alike), they are ahead of Germany in this matter, for instance.


Italian high-speed train

The Italian train travel is an enjoyable one. The trains are safe, clean and punctual. The staff is nice and helpful towards foreigners (cashiers and conductors usually speak English). The timetables are simple and concise. Apart from the destination stations they usually show the intermediate station.


If a passenger have problems with communication they may always use ticket machines. You may check the nearest departures to variety of destinations, ticket prices, travel time. The ticket machines may be used in four languages to choose from: Italian, English, French and German. Failures of these devices are very rare. If, however, anything happens the machine prints a ticket that you should approach the cash desk to collect your ticket.

Types of fast trains are as follows: Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca and Frecciargento.

Frecciabianca trains

Frecciabianca means a white arrow. These are fast trains running along the popular routes. The trains run as fast as 200 km/h and connect:

  • Milan with Venice
  • Udine with Trieste
  • Genoa with Rome
  • Bari with Lecce
  • Rome with Ravenna
  • Rome with Reggio Calabria

They guarantee high comfort and high service quality. Thanks to eighty-six trains one may reach any place in Italy.

Frecciabiaca - tickets online

On the Frecciabianca fast trains a passenger may travel in the first and second class. By choosing more expensive class (first class) the traveller gains much more space and a free coffee. Apart from that Frecciabianca trains offer:

  • Spacious and reclining chairs
  • Air-conditioning
  • Appropriate luggage space
  • Power supply installed at every chair and a lamp
  • Reclining tables
  • A place to change the child
  • Toilette in every car
  • On-board information system

In every train there are bars where a passenger may purchase hot and cold beverages as well as snacks. On some services a special Corner Bar is available, where you may sit and rest while enjoying your meal.


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