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Eurostar – Train to Paris, London or Brussels?

Опубліковано: 2019/06/03
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The carriers offer expands every year. Our continent is covered with a net of train connections reaching to over 20 thousand towns and cities in many European countries. It means a variety of fast travelling possibilities. It also represents one of the most comfortable means of traveling across Europe.

Eurostar - train ticket online

Eurostar trains

Travelling across Europe is enabled thanks to a variety of carriers. One of the well known fast trains services is Eurostar. It connects the United Kingdom with Europe thanks to so called Eurotunnel under the English Channel.

Eurostar - train ticket online

Train to Paris, London or Brussels?

The passengers value Eurostar travels mainly due to the fact that the carrier offers fast connection trains among London, Paris and Brussels. Merely within 2h 15 min train travel you will get from centre of London to the Paris city centre and 2h to Brussels. An interesting offer seems to be London Disneyland connection. Thanks to astonishing fast train connection, you may travel both ways within one day!

Eurostar - train ticket online

Good ticket prices and comfort

Eurostar guarantees comfortable travelling conditions for its passengers. The trains are modern and the ticket prices accessible to every client’s’ pocket. Buying a ticket in advance say 3 month earlier may cost less than the cost of a plane, even in budget airways.

The trains leaving from the London city centre will stop in the heart of a city, Gare du Nord in Paris, for example. Thanks to this you will not waste your time to travel to and from the airport, which usually is far away from the centres and it will save you money. The other advantage for travelling by train is the luggage weight limits than on the planes (30 kg).

Eurostar – ticket booking

  • Eurostar offers three booking classes to their passengers.
  • Business Premiere
  • Business Lounge halls access
  • return or exchange a ticket
  • separate gate to check-in close 10 minutes before the leave
  • a three-course warm meal, champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks or breakfast
  • free daily papers and magazines
  • reclining chairs
  • power supply at every chair
  • USB
  • Wi-Fi access


Standard Premiere

  • gates to check-in closes 30 minutes before the leave
  • reclining chairs; spacious seats and more space for foot
  • cold breakfasts or meal and drink in the ticket price
  • free magazines
  • power supply at every chair
  • USB
  • Wi-Fi access


Standard Class

  • gates to check-in closes 30 minutes before the leave
  • possibility to buy snacks and meals in the restaurant car
  • power supply (on older cars not at every chair)
  • Wi-Fi access
  • partly reclining chairs in new and modernised cars

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