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What to see in Poland

Polish tourist attractions are known all over the world. Making a decision of coming to Poland, it’s worth to see as much as possible and spend the time in the most efficient way. The ever improving quality of the polish railways and attractive ticket prices make the train an ideal way of travelling around the whole country.

Travelling in Poland

PolishTrains service was created as a response to growing demands of tourists visiting Poland. It’s major advantage is the simplicity of searching for train connections and fast ways of purchasing train tickets online. All you need to do is to type in first three letters of the city you wish to travel to and that’s it! Automatic suggestions help you with spelling of city names, both in Polish and English language. PolishTrains compares offers from different operators, so you get a clear view of the best price. In this way you are given an great opportunity to design your travel and pick up the best prices for you.

Baltic sea coast by train

The Baltic sea is well known for its golden sand and natural, raw landscapes. No wonder it is greatly popular among tourists. It takes only a couple of hours to travel from Krakow all the way to the sea, thanks to modern rail cars. Journeys along the coastline have also never been easier. You can visit Gdansk, Gdynia and the famous, seaside Tri-city.

How to get to baltic sea in Poland

Polish mountains by train

The second and non-less beautiful place are the polish mountains, with its capital Zakopane. Trains to Zakopane depart from Warsaw and a nearby Krakow. Choosing trains as a means of transport allows to avoid traffic and admire the picturesque mountain landscape along the way. Tickets are as cheap as a dozen or so PLN.

How to get to Tatra Mountains in Poland

Cities that you not should miss in Poland

When staying in Poland, there are a number of must go places, such as Warszawa, Wroclaw, Poznan and Krakow. Their rich history and architecture puts these cities on top of the list of places to see. An efficient way of travelling between these cities are frequent train connections, which take you from a city centre to a city centre. Choosing trains you can enjoy a comfortable ride, take a rest, and avoid ever annoying problems with car parking. All you need to do is to buy a train ticket online!

Cities you have to see in Poland

PolishTrains enables you to purchase train tickets online and is dedicated to inspire you to visit wonderful places around Poland. This website not only guides you to key information about practical and comfortable ways of rail travel around Poland, but also provides up-to-date schedules and options for a quick online purchase of the train tickets.

Popular train routes in Poland:

  • Train Warsaw to Cracow from 55 zł
  • Train Cracow to Zakopane from 40 zł
  • Train Katowice to Wroclaw from 36 zł
  • Train Warsaw to Gdańsk from 49 zł
  • Train Poznan to Berlin from 77 zł
  • Train Szczecin to Gdańsk from 59 zł
  • Train Cracow to Oświęcim from 24 zł
  • Train Cracow to Vienna from 519 zł
  • Train Poznan to Wroclaw from 41 zł
  • Train Wroclaw to Warsaw from 74 zł
  • Train Warsaw to Gdańsk from 70 zł
  • Train Katowice to Prague from 381 zł
  • Train Warsaw to Zakopane from 80 zł
  • Train Przemyśl to Lviv from 33 zł
  • Train Cracow to Przemysl from 44 zł
  • Train Warsaw to Lodz from 34 zł
  • Train Torun to Gdansk from 35 zł
  • Train Poznan to Kolobrzeg from 38 zł
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