Lviv - train ticketsSituated on the Podolian Upland, Lviv remains the most important and one of the largest cities in the Ukraine. Castle Hill is the highest point of Lviv (409 m a.s.l.). The High Castle is situated therein where a brilliant view over the Old City landscape spreads, and that’s why it was awarded the position on the UNESCO heritage list. The quality of the city is proved by the fact that over 50% of monuments of the Ukraine are situated there. Lviv is an incredible city marked with the great influence of Polish, Jewish, Hungarian and German culture visible on the monuments. There are many museums and galleries in the city. It is the stage of various festivals, every year: from classical music to rock music. Throughout the years three cultures coexisted in the city: Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish. Contemporary Lviv remains important due to industry, railway and roads. Despite the fact of being more and more modern and fast developing, Lviv undeniably preserved its unaltered, unique Galician mood. It is one of the factors that draws more and more visitors every year.

Train to Lviv

The basic means of transport in Ukraine are trains, therefore the net of the connections is so well developed. The Lviv train station allows to travel internationally, among others are: Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary.

How to book train ticket online

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The most popular attractions in Lviv:
  • Lviv Opera
  • St. George Cathedral
  • Adam Mickiewicz Monument
  • Cemetery of the Defenders of Lviv
  • The Old Town
  • Lviv Hall
  • The Potocki Palace
  • Liberty Avenue (Prospekt Swobody)
  • Latin Cathedral
Railway stations in Lviv:

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