Krakow - train ticketsUndeniably, Cracow is one of the most beautiful city on the Vistula River. It is the capital of the Lesser Poland voivodeship. Its history reaches back as far as one thousand years. The Krak’s city takes the third position in Poland according to its population and the second one according to its area. Cracow is an important economical, educational as well as touristic centre. One visit leaves you with the unforgettable memories from the Wawel hills that stretch along the Vistula River bank. Every year the city witnesses a cultural event on the boulevards in the bend of the Vistula – co called „Wianki” (Wreaths). The flagship of the Cracow is the Main Market Square. The area of forty thousand square meters make it the most beautiful square in entire Europe. It is worth adding that every hour one may listen to bugle call, which cuts suddenly, coming from the St. Mary’s Church, situated in the market square, (it spreads into the four sides of the world). In Cracow there are a lot of cultural institutions of the countywide importance, among others: National Old Theatre, National Museum or Jagiellonian Library. In 1978 the historic part of the Old Town together with the Kazimierz district were placed on the first UNESCO list of worldwide heritage. The capital of Lesser Poland is a key road and railway hub.

Train to Cracow

The main train station is situated in the heart of the city centre. Cracow allows to travel to the majority of the cities in Poland, among others: super fast Pendolino trains from Warsaw and Gdansk. Also, the international connections with Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Lviv.

How to book train ticket online

The railway tickets online for PKP Pendolino, Intercity and TLK and other train connections may be acquired through PolishTrains webside.

The most popular attractions in Cracow:
  • Sukiennice (Cloth Hall)
  • Cracow Barbican
  • The St. Mary’s Tower
  • Wawel
  • J. Słowacki Theatre
  • The Garden of Arts
  • National Museum
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Collegium Maius
Railway stations in Cracow:

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