Train to BialystokThe earliest information about Białystok come from the XV century, when the first settlement was erected causing the peoples move to the area. Due to its geographical location and Belarus, Latvia and Russia vicinity, Białystok used to be the multicultural city. The Białystok citizens differentiated according to culture and faith that you may still see in the local architecture of Białystok. You may come across the Old Parish Church, Greek orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas as well as the Old Saints orthodox church – valuable historically buildings representing the citizens and the city history. The largest one is the Branicki Palace also called the Polish Versailles. It was named due to the impressive, classicist architecture with the garden in French style surrounding it. It is the best prevailed magnate residency from the XVII century in Poland. In the vicinity of the palace you may enjoy the Białystok Planty, the large green area located in the city centre. Romantic, serpent paths encourage to have a walk and to rest. The heart of the Białystok is the Kościuszko Market with the late baroque Town Hall. Once, there used to be the shopping stands and nowadays it is the Podlasie Museum housing the exhibition about the region history. Once in the market, it is worth to try the local cuisine in one of the numerous bars offering the local specialities. Nowadays Białystok as the Podlasie voivodeship capital is the economical and science region centre creating together with adjusting commons the Bialystok agglomeration. 

By train to Białegostok

Białystok as one of the most eastern remote Polish city creates a gate through which run the railway connections from the east like Belarus and Russia, among others. The Warsaw – Vilnius – Petersburg and Cracow – Grodno international railway lines run there. The history of those connections riches the XIX century when the Warsaw and Petersburg connection was launched. It holds the XIX century classicist railway station that according to Gazeta Wyborcza has been considered the most beautiful one in Poland. To Białystok you may travel by PKP trains from Katowice, Olsztyn, Szczecin and Tricity, among others.

Train ticket to Białystok

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The most popular attractions in Bialystok:
  • Old Parish Church
  • Greek orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas
  • Branicki Palace
  • Białystok Planty
  • Kościuszko Market
  • Town Hall
Railway stations in Białystok:

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