Gdynia - train ticketsTogether with Gdansk and Sopot it creates the well known Tricity. Gdynia, founded in XVI century was a fishing village, started to develop dynamically in the Free Gdansk period, the harbor was created enabling the sea transport. Nowadays it is mostly known for its rich tourist facilities, it is also a business and tourist destination. Gdynia has been the stage of the Open’er festival for many years, stars and fans from all over the world come there. Since 1986 Gdynia Film Festival has been organized in Gdynia where the best Polish films get prestigious awards – Golden Lions. There are also many cultural venues in Gdynia, among others: Culture Centre in Gdynia, Witold Gombrowicz City Theatre in Gdynia, Contemporary Polish Art Festival R@port since 2006 and Gdynia City Museum exhibiting the Gdynia history and Pomerania in general. Gdynia, however, is primarily the Baltic Sea. Go further into the sea along the famous pear in Gdynia Orlowo where you can be delighted by the Baltic Sea and the Tricity coast along with the Orlowo Cliff. The South Pear is an ideal walking places along which ORP Blyskawica and opened for the visitors Dar Pomorza are anchored, there is also the Gdynia Aquarium where you can see 215 Baltic Sea fauna species!

Train to Gdynia

The most important Gdynia and Tricity train station is the Main Gdynia station. Featuring the broadest train capacity countrywide has been assigned the premium category by PKP (Polish National Trains). Many trains start and finish their cruise there connecting the most important parts of the country within the land like Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan or even Zakopane. The modern fast trains to the sea, such as Pendolino makes the train the most popular tourist means of transport.

How to book train ticket online

The train tickets booking and purchasing online as well as the train PKP Intercity (Polish Railways) timetables, Pendolino and TLK (‘Your Railway Lines’) may be acquired on

The most popular attractions in Gdynia:
  • Orłowo Pear
  • Emigration Museum
  • The Navy Museum
  • Open’er Festival
  • Gdynia Film Festival
  • Dar Pomorza ship
  • ORP Błyskawica ship
  • South Pear
  • Gdynia Aquarium
Railway stations in Gdynia:

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