Bergen - train ticketsLocated on the western part of Norway, the city is often referred to as the capital of the fiords. The name comes from the area it is located in, along the longest fiords in Norway that is Hardangerfjord and Sognefjorden. Over the centuries Bergen played a key role when it comes to commercial activity with other European countries. The citizens’ lives concentrate mostly around the harbour and Hanseatic Bryggen district where you could admire the merchant houses up to this day. The district itself has been entered onto the national heritage UNESCO list. Strolling along its shallow street you may feel the mood of the merchant district from the past, to learn more about its history do visit the Hanseatic Museum. The sight worth visiting on your route is definitely a park nearby the Bergenhus stronghold, where the Håkons Hall is situated (the kings of Norway deliberations hall) and the Rosenkrantza Tower, from which spreads the beautiful view over the Bergen and surroundings, and worth seeing due to Bergen’s historical values as well as natural once due to the large number of fiords and numerous hills among which the city is located. Contemporarily, the city with 270 thousand of population concentrates on culture, hence the large number of concerts, festivals and outdoors events.

Train to Bergen

The largest train station in the city is the Bergen Train Station, from which several times a day trains to Oslo leave. The train route from Bergen to Oslo is considered the most magnificent in the world due to its mountainous landscape that accompanies the travellers all way through the route. The Bergensbanen train route connecting the two cities is the highest route in the world and tops as high as 1,237 metres above the sea level in its peak point.

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The most popular attractions in Bergen:
  • Bergenhus Stronghold
  • Håkons Hall
  • Bryggen District
  • Hanseatic Museum
  • FiskeTorget, fish market
  • FiskeTorget, fish market Cable Train to Floyen Hill
  • Grieg’s house
Railway stations in Bergen:

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