Called the Renaissance pearl, Zamosc is the lubelszczyzna genuine treasure. Located between Lublin and captivating Roztocze, the city is a perfect weekend proposal for the Renaissance architecture, captivating streets and green areas fans. The old city atmosphere takes you back to in time to the XVI century, when the Crown Hetman Jan Zamoyski granted city rights to Zamosc. Thanks to him Zamosc was planned in such a manner. Zamosc is the unique manlike shaped city. The anthropomorphic city plan was designed by Bernardo Morando, the Italian designer. According to that, the town hall seems to be the heart, the head is the Zamoyski palace, where the most important state decision were made, and limbs are the bastions surrounding the city. The main body were to be the Rynek Solny (the Salt Market) and Rynek Wodny (the Water Market) providing the city with perfect economical benefit. Zamosc is also famous for the Renaissance historic buildings surrounding the market. In the arcade architecture one may also experience the Italian designer touch and perhaps, therefore Zamosc is called the Northern Padwa. Nowadays Zamosc has been the greatest cultural and educational voivodeship centre. It holds periodical venue of such events like Zamosc Theatre Summer, Eurofolk International Folk Festival or Zamosc Culture Festival. While visiting Zamosc, one should try the famous cebularz (Jewish cuisine) as well as sweets from the Zamosc Manufaktura Tecza.

By train to Zamosc

Zamosc houses two railway stations, Zamosc Starowka and Zamosc Wschod (New City). The Zamosc Starowka train station is located in the vicinity of the historical part of the city, which is extremely convenient for the tourists. Zamosc helds national train connections to Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Krakow, Czestochowa and Opole. It is serviced by the Intercity Hetman/Galicja trains. The local trains run to Lublin, Rzeszow and Belzca. 

Train ticket to Zamosc

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The most popular attractions in Zamosc
  • The Old City
  • The Town Hall
  • The Main Market
  • Zamosc Rotunda
  • Armenian tenement houses
Railway stations in Zamosc:

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