The city is famous worldwide for the unique Mary cult centre at the Jasna Gora (Luminous Mount) monastery. The dramatic story of the Czestochowa Mother Mary painting as well as the miracles connected with it draw numerous pilgrims from Poland and all over the world. The monastery was also frequented by John Paul II. Interestingly, Polish A-level (matura) students come to the place to pray for their successful exams. The name Luminous Mount, comes from the limestone walls colour. The first buildings were erected in the XIV century during the Louis of Anjou reign. While visiting the monastery it is worth to ascend over 100 meter tall tower, from which you may admire the Czestochowa panorama as well as the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura region. The captivating location of Czestochowa makes it an ideal one-day trips along the Jura routes full of old bastions, rocks and deciduous forests. Olsztyn castle located several kilometers from the city as well as the Mirow and Bobolice castles, located a bit farther, are the most popular visiting spots. In Czestochowa itself, it is important to walk along the Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, along which former factory owners and rich middle class historic buildings are located, nowadays they are moody cafes and exclusive shops. The Matches Museum is also worth visiting, located in the XIX century building, you may still see functioning production line from the 30’s and the Miniature Park of Zlota Gora where you may see the religious buildings miniatures from all over the world. Among others, they are Lateran Basilica, Fatima or Bethlehem Basilica miniatures. 

By train to Częstochowa

The main train station in Czestochowa is located around 2 kilometers from the Luminous Mount monastery. The representative Wolnosc Avenue and the Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary lead to it. To Czestochowa you may travel by PKP Pendolino, Intercity and TLK (local trains) direct trains from Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw and Lodz. Czestochowa is also well train-connected with the TriCity.

The most popular attractions in Czestochowa:
  • Mary cult centre at the Jasna Gora
  • Luminous Mount
  • Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Miniature Park of Zlota Gora
  • The Matches Museum
Railway stations in Czestochowa

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