Mińsk - train ticketsMinsk – the capital and the largest city of Belarus, it is located on the Svislach River. It is renowned as the greatest economical and cultural centre in the country. Poles visiting the city should definitely visit the Kalvaryja Cemetery, where the noblest Poles were buried. Unofficially it is called the Polish nobles cemetery. The city possesses its own planet, which is a peculiar thing. Its all thanks to a Russian astronomer Nikolai Chernykh, who discovered a new planet in 1979 and named it after the city. An important visiting sight, located on the right bank of the Svislach River, is the archaeological sanctuary – the Minsk Castle. In the Belarus capital, on the Freedom Square, there is a theatre where you could watch an opera, for example. There are great many gardens and parks within the city. The most popular one founded in XVIII century – the Gorky’s Park where the observatory and planetarium is located as well as the Ice Palace. The daredevils may enjoy their time in the amusement park in the heart of the city centre in the public gardens. The admission is free.

Train to Minsk

The Minsk Passenger train station is the largest train station in the city and the country. It provides the most important Belarus intercity connections as well as the international connections to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

How to book train ticket online

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The most popular attractions in Minsk:
  • Arch cathedral of the Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Wankowitch Palace
  • The Lubanski’s Court
  • Town Hall
  • The Government House
  • The Former Female Secondary School
  • Choir Synagogue
  • The Uniate Orthodox Church of The Holy Spirit
Railway stations in Minsk:

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