Geneva - train ticketsLocated in the estuary of the Rhone river running to the Geneva Lake, belongs to the most enchanting place in Switzerland. It is naturally enshrined by the Alpine peaks, the highest is the Mont Blanc. Geneva bears the name of the Capital of Peace. The name is given due to United Nations Organisation and the International Red Cross HQ. Wrist watches are also the symbol of Geneva. The city is the watch industry cradle as there are about 72 companies producing them. To find out more visit the Geneva Watch Museum. The heart of Geneva is undoubtedly the Geneva Lake. There are the Old Town and business district on the right bank of the lake and on the left there are numerous restaurants, hotels and beautiful cafeterias. Further on the lake you may be delighted by the highest fountain in the world – Jet d’Eau that ejects the water over 140 meter high. It looks really beautiful against the background of raw mountain peaks.

Train to Geneva

The train travel to Geneva requires a change in Berlin or Basel, from where you will continue to the greatest Swiss city. The Swiss railway connections are famous for frequency and punctuality. The biggest railway station of Geneva is the Gare de Cornavin. Located in the city centre station services around 230 trains daily. 

How to book train ticket online

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The most popular attractions in Geneva:
  • Calvin Auditorium
  • Place du Burg de Four
  • Maison Tavel
  • St. Peter Cathedral
  • Palace of Nations
  • CERN Laboratory
Railway stations in Geneva:

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