Basel - train ticketsOne of the most important cities in Switzerland and the only harbour, connecting Switzerland with the Northern Sea through Rhine river. Located in the vicinity of French border, the town has its unique culture and tradition. Contemporary it is the undoubtedly art and music centre. Numerous symphony orchestras are present there, and the Music Theatre is popular worldwide. Due to that, the city hosts the European film and music festivals. The Basel Old Town is closed for cars due to presence of numerous monuments. Made from the peculiar pink sandstone, Roman-Gothic St. Martin cathedral from which spreads the magnificent view over Basel is one of them. Basel is also the headquarter for many pharmaceutical companies. Its HQ’s there have such concerns as Novartis and Roche.

By train to Basel

Trains to Basel run, among others, from Berlin. There are a few connection options to choose from, from which you may pick the most convenient to you. The Bahnhof Basel SBB is one of the biggest railway stations is Switzerland and connects directly with Zurich as well as other Swiss cities. The trains from Germany call there as well. 

How to book train ticket online

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The most popular attractions in Basel :
  • The Basel Cathedral
  • The City Gate
  • The Basel Town Hall
  • Munsterplatz
Railway stations in Basel:

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