Train to LiverpoolLiverpool is the greatest port in the world and the second large city in England. The city has a rich history, whose beginnings are not very glorious and are associated with the birth of slave trade and the development of trade in cotton and tobacco. The other point that influenced the city are immigrants flooding from Scotland, Ireland or Norway among others. Cosmopolitan character of the city, trade bloom as well as favorable geographic values caused that Liverpool developed into port successfully. Up to this day the most essential tourist attraction of Liverpool, entered onto the UNESCO heritage list, is Albert’s Dock that emphasizes the port roots of the city, however, but at the same time they have their more contemporary face. They are: second large shopping centre in England Tate Liverpool, Maritime Museum as well as The Beatles Story Museum. It is Liverpool where in the 60’s one of the bands that changed the face of music came to live – The Beatles! Therefore, the airport was named after the city’s pride of John Lennon. Contemporary, the city is associated with the English football at its best – for it is the FC Liverpool area, therefore it is worth to see the impressive in size Anfield stadium where the groups practices. Nowadays it is also extremely important industrial, cultural and university centre.

Train to Liverpool

The main train station is the Liverpool Lime Street Station. The station allows to travel to the neighbouring counties like Manchester as well as other parts of the country. To Liverpool you may travel by Pendolino train from London. The journey takes 2 hours.

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The most popular attractions in London:
  • Albert’s Dock
  • Anfield Stadium
  • The Beatles History Museum
  • Tate Liverpool
  • Maritime Museum
  • Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic
Railway stations in Liverpool:

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