The city of extremely interesting and turbulent history was the theatre of Lithuanians, Teutonic Order, Tatars and Poles fights to become, at last, the part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the theatre of the last Sejm deliberations in history, where king August Poniatowski renounced the crown to Tsar Catherina. During the World War II Grodno was separated from Poland by Russian army, contemporary it is one of the greatest Belarus city and is popular among Polish tourists interested in Polish past marked upon The Castle or the Sapiecha Palace as well as Polish renowned writers associated with Grodno once, like Adam Mickiewicz, Eliza Orzeszkowa or Zofia Nałkowska. Other Polish sign is St. Fanciszek Ksawery Basilica, where the rite is celebrated in Polish till today. The other interesting sacral landmark of Grodno is Orthodox Church, erected in 1907 to honour the Russian soldiers perished in the Polish-Japanese war. Yet another one is the Great Synagogue marking the Jewish culture. The building has been renovated and hosts the contemporary museum. All those landmarks signifies the peaceful coexistence of various nations and peculiar cultural combination that was cultivated in Grodno and is still visible in the city, despite the communist regime and changes that marked its trace. 

Train to Grodno

The Main Train Station connects the most important cities in Belarus like, Minsk or Brest as well as Russia. From Grodno you may travel to Moscow or Petersburg, for example. From Poland to Grodno you may travel by the Intercity trains. There are direct connections to Cracow or Bialystok, for example. 

How to book train ticket online

The train tickets online for Intercity and Pendolino trains as well as  timetables  may be acquired on

The most popular attractions in Grodno:
  • The Old Castle
  • The Great Synagogue
  • The Jesuit Chemistry
  • Eliza Orzeszkowa’s House
  • Sapiecha Palace
  • Parish cemetery in Grodno
  • St. Franciszek Ksawery Basilica
Railway stations in Grodno:

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