Opole- train ticketsIt is the capital of opolskie voivodeship and the most important economical, cultural and scientific centre of the region at the same time. Opole history starts in the X century and the town privileges were gained in the XIII century thanks to Kazimierz I Opolski who is constantly taken as the historical father of the city. The most important monument, among others, is the Piast Tower that certifies the historical past of the city and the former Piast castle. It is one of the oldest preserved fortified building in Poland. From its walls spreads the beautiful Opole panorama with the town hall, Opole Cathedral and Wenecja (Venice)! The Opole Venice consists of the row of the merchant houses running along the boulevard by the Młynówka Canal, in the historical part of the city. University Hill also known as the Opole Acropolis may be considered interesting due to its university nature and unique architecture. Contemporary Opole, most of all, is well-known due to the Polish Song Festival organised there every year in the Amphitheatre and being one of the most important events in Poland. Next peculiar attraction connected with musical character of the city is the Musical Box where you may listen to the pieces of the artists enclosed in the Opole Stars Avenue. The first star awarded was Czeslaw Niemen.

Train to Opole

The most important train station in the city is the Opole Main station. The train station is located in the beautiful building from the second part of the XIX century in the Neo-Gothic style. Thanks to modernisations in the recent years it is in great shape. From the Opole Main station you may, among others, go to Wroclaw, Zielona Gora, Katowice, Gorzow Wielkopolski, Cracow and Rzeszow. Among others, the Express InterCity Premium, Express InterCity and InterCity trains stop there.

How to book train ticket online

The train tickets booking and purchasing online as well as the train PKP Intercity (Polish Railways) timetables, Pendolino and TLK (Local Trains) may be acquired on  PolishTrains.eu

The most popular attractions in Opole:
  • The Papal Island
  • The Opole Venice
  • Amphitheatre
  • The Stars Avenue
  • Opole Acropolis
  • The Town Hall
  • The Cathedral
  • The Piast Tower
Railway stations in Opole:

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