Oslo - train ticketsOslo, one of the richest cities in Europe, due to oil industry. It is the capital of Norway and the largest city at the same time. It is a key centre of communication, railway and sea transport. Every year on the 10th December the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The city is located on the fifth large fiord of Norway and surrounded by mountains. Karl Johans gate is the longest street in Oslo. It starts in the seaport and finishes in the city centre, and what is more important a great number of historic buildings of Oslo rest along the street. The sight that commemorates the patriotic activity during the Nazis occupation in the World War II is the Norwegian Resistance Museum, and in the Viking Ship Museum one may see two the best-preserved pirate vessels dated the IX century. The most attractive view in Oslo is its wildlife – it is extremely unique. The city abounds with plants and is surrounded by 343 lakes. Oslo is the seat of various political, economical, administrative and cultural institutions.

Train to Oslo

The biggest train station in Norway is the main railway station in Oslo. The railway station provides the majority of Norway rail connections and above that the international connections to Sweden and Denmark.

How to book train ticket online

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The most popular attractions in Oslo:
  • Vigeland Park
  • Royal Palace
  • Town Hall
  • The Ski Museum with the Tower
  • The National Art Gallery
  • The Castle and the Stronghold
  • The Parliament
  • The Viking Ship Museum
  • St. Olav’s Cathedral
Railway stations in Oslo:

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