Lublin - train ticketsThe city is related to the Kings of Poland from its foundation period. Wladyslaw Lokietek located the city in 1317 and 24 years later it was the stage of the Kazimierz Wielki won over the Tatars and granted the town privileges resulting in the walls erection. In Lublin Wladyslaw Jagiello was elected a king starting the house of Jagiellonians at the same time and in 1569 the Union of Lublin treaty was signed joining Polish Crown with the Ground Duchy of Lithuania. The footprints of those events are still visible today, in the topography of the city surrounded by the merchant houses in the coral part or picturesque streets that are limited with the city gates like: the Cracow Gate or the City Gate. In the vicinity of the market the Lublin Castle is located, housing the modern Lublin Museum. In the collection of the museum you may see, among others, the Jan Matejko painting the Union of Lublin. Contemporary, the city is famous for Marie Curie-Sklodowska University and the Lublin Catholic University – commonly called KUL. In connection to its history, the city is eternally young and vivid that can be seen in its rich cultural offer. Interestingly, Lublin is the origin of such Polish cult bands like Budka Suffer or Bajm.

Train to Lublin

Lublin is the genuine railway hub connecting major Polish cities with the eastern countries. There are as follows: Warsaw – Kiev. From Lublin you may travel directly to Berlin and Odessa, and such Polish cities like Cracow, Warsaw, Kielce or Zamosc.

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The most popular attractions in Lublin:
  • Lublin Castle
  • City Gate
  • The Market
  • Lublin Village Museum
  • Lublin Arch-cathedral
  • Wincenty Pol’s Manor
Railway stations in Lublin:

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